Experimental drug shows potential against Alzheimer’s disease

Discoveries in mice don’t always translate to humans, especially in Alzheimer’s disease,” said co-study leader Ana Maria Cuervo, M.D., Ph.D., the Robert and Renée Belfer Chair for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases, professor of developmental and molecular biology, and co-director of the Institute for Aging Research at Einstein. “But we were encouraged to find in […]

How COVID-19 Compromises Brain Function

A full year has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the mind-boggling aftermath of the virus continues to confuse doctors and scientists. Particularly concerning for doctors and patients alike are lingering side effects, such as memory loss, reduced attention and an inability to think straight. Wondering how a respiratory virus can lead to cognitive […]

Improving the Speed to Insight

When product developers at Informa Pharma Intelligence sat down with customers to understand their needs, desires, and pain points through the years, a recurring theme emerged. Customers said they were spending too much time and visiting too many different websites to gather the critical information they needed to move forward. Their typical daily workflow necessitated […]