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Other drug developers will work with us to support clinical trials. We maintain the highest level safety when it comes to testing, manufacturing and transferring of products.

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"We want to contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through innovative therapeutics.

Marc Nelson, MD, MBA

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In an ever-changing business climate, it is crucial to have the flexibility to reexamine business processes as needed—even those that have been carefully selected as opportunities at some point in the past. NEXS aims to drive further evolution by having all employees remain mindful of the processes that allow us to focus our resources on identified areas, Redefine the focus when appropriate, and Expand the focus if appropriate.

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We aim to stand at the forefront of healthcare & pharmaceutical innovation, turning innovative science into value for patients. The keys to our success will be our focus area, principles of activity, and drivers, which describe where we should create value and how we should act to realize that value. Guided by this approach, we will create a corporation with a central focus on innovating the pharmaceutical industry.

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For NEXS to continue to evolve in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry, NEXS needs to identify business opportunities and have the agility and efficiency in order to acquire other entities to further growth. We will factor in new technologies and treatment approaches, product development feasibility. We will continue to analyze trends and changes in pharmaceutical laws and regulations. Our goal is to identify areas of need.

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Marc Nelson, MD

Chairman of the Board

Elena Antezana

Vice President

David Cohen

Chief Operating Officer

Joanna Madison

Chief Marketing Officer

Rebekka Leigh

Director of Sales

Ashley Anderson

Chief Financial Officer